Best Wireless Routers 2022

Today, considering a life without internet and wireless router is not easy. It is not easy for the guys who work online or always check their phones for notification updates and emails. Without a fast wireless router, you won’t be able to get the fast internet streaming. And if there are several peoples for sharing the network, a good connection is not possible.

Today there are too many brands of wireless routers in market. Picking a best wireless routers 2022 might be a difficult task without knowing complete information about a best wireless router.

That is why I have make a list of good and quality wireless routers in 2022. It was not possible to test all routers due to wide range of brands. Thanks to my team who helped me to complete this task.

Best Wireless Routers 2022

D-Link AC2600 Wi-Fi Range Extender

D-Link Ac2600 can handle bandwidths and multiple users at the same time. It offers high embedded security features and parental controls. It use McAfee’s security to protect devices connected to your network. After setting up the router, you need to connect all your devices to the router’s network. After that simply identify them in the D-Fend app. It has four gigabit Ethernet ports and USB 3.0 port for shared network storage.


You can easily install D-link router. You can set up your router by using app, online setup wizard or manual. You can find instructions in the user manual.

I recommended to choose app setup process because it is easy and smooth. The time it takes to router up and running is approximately 40 minutes. At first time, you may fail to setup router properly. But with proper guidance and information you can done it easily.

D-Link Wi-Fi app & D-Fend App

  • Wi-Fi app is compatible with both iOS and android
  • You and adjust all kind of Wi-Fi setting
  • Cloud Services
  • You can perform connection speed tests
  • You can setup your own network schedule.
  • Adding or Removing Guest Networks
  • Parent Control
  • Internet Filters

You can control all D-Link router’s nifty setting by using these two apps.  D-Link Wi-Fi used to set up the router and manage your network settings. While D-Fend app handles the security side of your D-Link router’s features. Both apps are easy to use and are available in both android and iOS. 

Security features

The D-Fend router has two McAfee security subscriptions which can be activated while setting up the router.

  • Five-year subscription secure your network 
  • Two-year subscription protects you network individual devices

It is not important to use both subscriptions packages to use router. if you wanted to keep using the service, your two-year subscription costs about $120 per year. Five-year subscription is free for five years when you buy the router. You do not need to worry about children’s on the internet due to its strong parent control features. You can pause internet any time if you are not at home by using app.

Other Features:

The D-Link router has all specification that you look in other high branded Wi-Fi routers.

It has a high throughput.

  • Easy and smooth installation
  • Awesome design, Perfect for every environment
  • It has much inexpensive than other wifi systems in the market
  • You can control the whole network by using just one app.
  • Limited hardware control
  • Low AC rating

NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 – Expensive yet Powerful

The NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 AD7200 is best for large homes, 4K video streaming and for those you love to play high graphics games online.

This awesome router is expensive but it has many quality features including Multi-User Multiple Input, Multiple Output data streaming, circuitry for 60GHz 802.11ad networking, and 160MHz Wi-Fi technology.

It supports 3 Wi-Fi bands (2.4 GHz, 5.0 GHz, and 60 GHz), and has 7 Gigabit Ethernet ports which includes 6 LAN and 1 WAN.


This is not a small router, having dimensions of 8.81 x 6.61 x 2.91 in. It has four adjustable antennas.


The R9000 is easy to install. You just need to connect it to your PC and internet service. After that simply type in the browser to access the Setup Wizard and you will move to basic internet and wireless network settings.

You can also use NETGEAR App. It allows you to quickly setup, update, and configure your router. At the front edge of the router, there’s a line of LED indicators for turn off/on, guest networks, 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 60GHz radio bands, 6 GB LAN ports, and two USB ports.

Two USB 3.0 ports are located on the left side of the router while at the back side there are LAN ports, a WAN port, an SPF+ LAN port, and power, Reset, and On/Off buttons.


I am very impressive on its performance tests. The router scored north of 550 Mbps in the 5 GHz close-proximity test. At a distance of 30 feet, the R9000’s score of 392Mbps was the highest score.

  • 60GHz Speedy
  • Impressive performance
  • Fast file-transfer speed
  • It supports Multi-User Multiple Input, Multiple Output, 802.11ad, and 160MHz networking technologies.
  • Easy installation and management
  • Expensive

Asus RT-AX58U review

Segma ninebot is the most reliable hoverboard. If you can’t balance on hoverboard so it’s not a problem anymore. Segma ninebot is a stable hoverboard having knee control bars.

The most exciting features f this app is that you can control it in your own way using Segma app. You can change hoverboard speed using app. This app also have anti robbery specifications. It act like a remote control of hoverboard.

Ambient lights provide clear view of the path. You can its brightness level using app or by buttons over hoverboard.  These lights are UL 2272 certified for fire catching safety. I think it is perfect for beginners.

  • This hoverboard is IP54 waterproof and UL 2272 certified and  has 400 W dual engines. It has maximum 220 lbs weight capacity. 3.11f-6.66f height persons can easily use this hoverboard. Its distance range is 13.7 miles

User reviews:

I have used both Segway minipro and Segway-Ninebot S. Minipro has better quality than ninebot S. But ninebot S has longer battery time. So, if you need longer battery time, I recommend ninebot.

  • It has light weight
  • It is best for beginners
  • You can track it using app in care of robbery.
  • Segma app
  • Due to its little battery, its traveling ranges decreases to only 1.5 miles
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